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Charter of IIM Alumni Society (Draft)

* Networking Platforms via web-based networks and also social and professional events in various cities of the world

* Strengthening IIM Brand & Increasing the footprint in mainstream via pro-active PR & more engagement with Media

* Entrepreneurship support via helping Connect Ideas with Talent, Capital, Expertise and partner organisations like Tie, Nasscom, AIF and others

* Social Events in respective cities to integrate the alumni and family together

* Think Tank & Publications on major management issues ranging from World peace, Environment, Poverty, Healthcare, Entrepreneurship, Compassionate Capitalism, Philanthropy, Future of Work, Globalization

* Career Support System for current students, Alumni seeking change of location,roles, industry, career path

* Support System for alumni and family relocating to a new city/country

* Philanthropy / Giving back to causes and institutions in India, IIMs, Alumni and the local community wherever we are

* Contributing to our respective IIM fund raising to become self-financing and upgrading infrastructure (soft and hard)

You may also connect to our linked forum. Update your profile here in as much detail as you feel comfortable. Choose level of updates you want. You can subscribe to specific discussion forums and choose frequency of updates. We understand concerns of data privacy. Any questions/concerns in this regard, please contact Atul in Tri-State,USA (+1 203 987 4452)

Moderators are Alan in DC,USA , Anil & Roger in West Coast, Rakesh in Latin America Saurabh and Priya at London, Kriti at Europe, Subhashish in Australia. Others names to follow from various cities of world. If you want to help please contact us.




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